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Voyageurs News – September 25th Update

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Terry Fox Foundation Run/Walk & Fundraiser

Students will participated in a class run/walk on September 24th and 25th.

Click here to make a personal or business donation.  All donations made using this link will appear with the Champs Vallée tally.  Tax receipts will be sent directly to you from the Terry Fox Foundation.

Donations can be customised to $1 or $2 if you do not wish to donate one of the preset amounts.


Unfortunately, we will not be collecting cash or the “Toonies for Terry” this year.

ORANGE SHIRT DAY: Every Child Matters

On September 30th students and staff are encouraged to wear an orange shirt.  Please visit the link below to learn more.

School Picture Day – October 8th

We will have school photos on October 8th.  More details will be sent home soon.  Photos will be available at the school for students attending school and Distance Education.


Below is a message from Farm Credit Canada:

This year, FCC Drive Away Hunger will look a little different. We are replacing in-person activities, such as food drives and tractor tours, with initiatives that support our fight against hunger while keeping our communities safe by respecting physical distancing guidelines.

We have increased our financial support to national and provincial food banks, and we are actively seeking donors in the agriculture and food industries and local community to join us.

We sincerely hope that we can return to your school next year, engaging your students in helping community and educating them about food insecurity. In the meantime, know that FCC Drive Away Hunger is still happening in your community, seeking to support our neighbours, while keeping everyone safe.

Thank you for all you’ve done with us in the past and we wish you all the best for the school year.

All the best,

Farm Credit Canada


School Council News

School Council Parent Survey

AGM Update

The Champs Vallée School Council AGM was on September 21st and a new executive was elected.  Thank you to all the individuals who were willing to volunteer for this year’s school council.  What an exciting way to support the students’ education!

Carrie Blumenthal Chair
Shannon Coulombe Co-Chair
Annie Savard Secretary
Colleen Spingle Fundraising Liaison
Melissa McIsaac Communication Coordinator

The next meeting will take place virtually on November 16 at 7:30pm.  I want to encourage all families to tune into the virtual school council meetings.  You can choose to fully engage in the meeting or just sit back and observe.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at ecvs.council@gshare.blackgold.ca

Carrie Blumenthal

School Council Chair

Outdoor Learning Spaces

School Council is looking for families that may be able to donate tree logs that the school could use as student seating for outdoor learning.  Ideally, the logs would be cut into 40cm (16”) lengths and would be about 30-50cm (12-20”) in diameter.

Grade 6 & 7 Vaccinations

Each year, Alberta Health Services, Public Health reviews immunization records for students in grades 1 through 9 to see what immunizations each student needs. A consent form is then sent home with an information sheet for each vaccine recommended for the student. No immunizations will be given in school without consent from a parent or legal guardian. 

AHS is scheduled for October 28th for students in Grades 6 & 7.  A consent form will be sent home in the coming weeks.

Immunizations for Grades 6/7:

  • Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine for students who have not already completed a hepatitis B immunization series and human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine


Join us on Wednesday, October 7 for our first ever meeting of the B.Y.O.Book Club on Zoom!  This club is for students in Grades 4 to 7.  Join Troy and Meghan for book chat, games and fun.   You choose your time 3:30-4:30 or 5:30-6:30.  Please call 780-929-Book to register.
Thank you for your time,

Meghan LeBlanc

Program Assistant,

Adjointe aux Programmes

Kids get a nature boost for free this fall

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden is opening its gates to children for free this fall, to offer a respite from the challenges of a pandemic year.

“Kids and their families, students and teachers are all going through a lot, especially this fall,” said Carl Charest, interim executive director at the Garden. “Their schools are different. Their sports and clubs have been cancelled. They haven’t seen many of their friends all summer. Kids and families are stressed. They need a chance to relax and be outside and forget their cares for a little while. Getting kids connected to nature is something so necessary to wellbeing, and that’s a remedy the Garden can provide.”

The decision to let kids in for free this fall is just the beginning of a bigger dream, said Charest. “We want to extend this initiative into the future so that children will always have free admission to the Garden, and for that, we need involvement from the community.”

The Garden is looking for community partners to help make free admission for kids an ongoing reality. But, said Charest, the dream doesn’t stop there – the ultimate goal is that all the Garden’s award-winning children’s programs, like school field trips, will be free and accessible to all kids.

“We know that the natural world and our connections to each other are what sustains us, grown ups and children alike. It’s so important. We can make sure that children from all walks of life have a chance to be restored by nature and learn to see the trees in the forest.”

In addition to free admission, the Garden is also developing safely distanced, fun activities to engage kids when they visit.

Children ages 0-17 and students get free admission to the UA Botanic Garden until the last day of the open season on October 12, 2020. Admissions must be reserved in advance online.

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