École Champs Vallée School


Clubs and Activities

School clubs and teams will be based on student and teacher interests.


Grade 3 and 4 Intramurals – Runs from 11:30 – 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout October and November. Exact start date TBD. 

Klondike Relays are in April, 2020.

Basketball Club

Floor Hockey

Volleyball Club

Tennis Club

Soccer Club  – Co-ed club for grade 5/6 students that runs May-June 2020. After school developmental program.

Elementary and Junior High:

Running Club

Running Room Games (relays) are February and March, 2020 for both Elem and Junior High. Training begins in January.

Junior High:

Junior High Crib Club – Starting in November, 2019. Will run from 11:55am-12:20pm in Room 233.

Junior High Soccer Team

Junior High Volleyball Teams

Volleyball Team Information for Parents