École Champs Vallée School


About the School Name

École Champs Vallée School 


In June of 2015, Black Gold Regional School launched a contest to name the new school to be built on the site of the Town of Beaumont, Parc Les Champs Vallée Fields Park.  The name selected by the Black Gold Board of Education was École Champs Vallée School.


The original Vallée (family name) farming homestead was located in the southwest corner of Beaumont.  The current Beaumont neighbourhoods of Four Seasons Estates and Montrose Estates are built on the land once owned by the Vallée family.

The following is summary of the historical information associated with Vallée family:

  • 1835- 1923 -François Vallée was born in St. Casimir, Québec. He married Angèle Arcand and together they had nine daughters and one son.  François arrived in Beaumont 1894 with his wife and son, Edmond.
  • 1869-1944- Edmond Vallée was born in St. Alban, Québec. He first married Evangéline Picard and had six children.  Evangéline passed away on October 17, 1898 at the age of 27.  One year later, Edmond married a widow, Eugénie Coffee.  Edmond and Eugénie had six children.   Edmond had 6 children from the first marriage (Délia, Nellie, Arthur, Eva, Eduard, Henri) and 6 children from the second marriage (Blanche, Henri, Almina, Eric, Wilfrid, Marie).  The family farmed land which belonged to François Vallée.  Edmond helped in the construction of the church in Beaumont, which later burned.
  • Wilfrid Vallée married Alma Magnan in 1926. Wilfrid and Alma farmed his father Edmond’s land.   Wilfred and Alma had 7 children (Richard, Adrien, Florence, Emile, Henri, Marie-Anna, Léon).
  • The youngest son Léon took over the homestead.  Léon married Gisèle Foisy.  Gisèle was a Black Gold employee (Accounting Secretary at École Coloniale Estates School).

Descendants of the Vallée family continue to reside in the community and attend Black Gold schools in Beaumont.

Below is more information on the family from the Beaumont History Book, archival photos, and a clipping from La Nouvelle.