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School Council

School Council

There are no more school council meetings left for this school year.  Please join us in September 2021 for the next AGM.
Any school council inquiries can be sent to


Click here for May 17, 2021 Agenda

Click here for March 15, 2021 Meeting Minutes


General Information: 

School council is a collective association of parents, staff and community members  whose purpose is to advise the principal and the board respecting matters relating to the school.  It is a means for the entire school community to work together to support and enhance student learning. 

All parents registered at ÉCVS are welcome to attend the School Council meetings.  Decisions at meetings will follow a “Town Hall” style format with each parent having an equal vote. Meetings will take place online for the foreseeable future.  

Parents can fully engage with comments and questions or just sit back with the camera off to listen and observe. There is no pressure to sign up for volunteer commitments. This is a great opportunity to hear about what is happening in the school and a chance to provide input to the principal and division. 

Typically, School Council meetings are about an hour long. There will be reports from the principal, teachers rep and school trustee talking about activities in the school, highlights of the school budget, education plans, and school division news.  The School Council also helps out with special projects like family dances, school events and clubs.

A school council cannot be incorporated under the Societies Act or Part 9 of the Companies Act.  Although a school council can fundraise, it cannot undertake fundraising endeavours that require a gaming license from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, such as bingos, casinos or raffles.


To support and enhance the quality of learning and development for all students at École Champs Vallée School, while in turn inspiring a passion for life-long learning


  • To support the students, facilities, and staff with our input and assistance on all matters pertaining to students’ education.
  • To assist in developing a well-informed and highly involved parent body.
  • Learn together, achieve together and celebrate together.

2020-2021 School Council Executive Members:

Chairperson – Carrie Blumenthal
Co-Chairperson – Shannon Coulombe
Secretary – Annie Savard
Communications Officer – Melissa McIsaac
Fundraising Liaison – Colleen Springle

Schedule for 2020-2021 School Council Meetings:

Meetings are held bi-monthly at 7:30 P.M on the third Monday of each month (September, November, January, March, and May).    

AGM – September 21, 2020
November 16, 2020
January 18, 2021
March 15, 2021
May 17, 2021