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  • Voyageurs News – June 2nd

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    Upcoming Dates:

    June 3 – Outdoor Classroom Day
    June 13 – Diversity Day (more information to be shared soon)

    June 17 – Last Day of Kindergarten
    June 21 – Indigenous Peoples Day – Instructional Day
    June 23 – Open House for new students going into Grades 1 to 9 in 2022-2023
    June 28 – Last Day of School – Grades 1 to 9

    Grade 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs)

    Grade 6
    June 14 – Mathematics / Mathématiques  Part A
    June 15 – French Language Arts Part B
    June 16 – Science / Sciences
    June 17 – Social Studies / Études sociales
    June 20 – Mathematics / Mathématiques Part B
    June 22 – English Language Arts Part B

    Grade 9
    June 20 – French Language Arts Part B
    June 22 – English Language Arts Part B
    June 23 – Science / Sciences
    June 24 – Social Studies / Études sociales
    June 27 – Mathematics / Mathématiques Part A & B
    June 28 – Exam makeup day

    Community Information

    TENNISfest 2022

    TENNISfest 2022 is a FREE, large-scale TryTennis event, scheduled for Saturday June 11th, 11 AM – 2 PM at the Edmonton ExpoCentre. The event focuses on trying tennis and learning more about how and where to play as we move into summer. Provided through a partnership between Edmonton Junior Tennis Society (EJTS) and Tennis Edmonton Association and Tennis Alberta this event offers all ages ‘from 3 to 83’ the opportunity to get active and have fun playing tennis.

    Volunteers and members of the regional tennis community will also be in attendance to help celebrate the arrival of summer and the outdoor tennis season. With this event we will provide an opportunity to many kids to ‘Try Tennis’ and adults to ‘Try touchtennis’. The goal of TENNISfest 2022 is to create a desire for kids and adults to want to learn more about the sport.

    How can you participate? Please print the TENNISfest poster and display it in your school or community league and distribute it via social media, newsletter or any other means of communication. All partners organizing this event are non-profit organizations. Participating clubs will have lots of prizes and giveaways for our participants. Parents can also sign up and play touchtennis while the kids are in the program.
    Lots of Goodies, Raffles, and Prizes available! If you do have a racquet at home, please bring it, otherwise racquets will be available for use.
    To register: tennisfest2022.ca

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