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  • Speaking up for public education

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    Education Week is a great time to speak up for public education; highlight partnerships among teachers, parents and students; and recognize the contributions of staff, students and volunteers in our schools. This year’s theme for Education Week is Learning is a Journey.

    “Life is a journey full of new experiences that come with problems to solve and lessons to learn,” said Board Chair Devonna Klaassen. “Black Gold’s mission – To Inspire Success– is about this journey and sets the stage for lifelong learning. To our amazing staff and volunteers; we salute you! Thank you for all you do to inspire success in one another and our students.”

    “We also salute our valued community partners: parents, guardians, service groups, governments, agencies, and many more. We are most grateful for your support,” said Vice Chair Esther Eckert. “We are truly blessed to have access to the public education system that we do, as there are many places in the world that look with envy upon the education offered in our province.”

    “This is a time to recognize the contributions made by public schools to the growth of our communities and province, and the great value public education has in protecting and preserving our democratic values,” said Ward 3 Trustee Gary Hansen.

    “Education Week was established by teachers in 1928 to call attention to the importance of public education in our democratic society, and its vital role in the development of Alberta,” said Ward 3 Trustee Angie Charpentier. “Our education system has come a long way since, and we have much to celebrate as we look at all the good things happening in our schools.”

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