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Voyageurs News – October 5th

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COVID-19 Protocols

Cold season appears to have arrived.  If your child has cold or COVID-19 symptoms, please keep them home and follow the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services.  We appreciate that this can be inconvenient, but these measures are necessary to assist schools in staying open.

Please do not email your child’s teacher with the absence.  Please use this form or call the school at 780-929-8888 to report absences.

Students with symptoms in the red box (primary symptoms) will automatically be marked as absent for 10 days.  Students with primary symptoms are required to isolate for 10 day and be symptom-free to return to school or have a negative COVID-19 test and be symptom free to return.

Thank you for your support.

World Teachers’ Day – October 5th










Terry Fox Foundation 

Our school community donated a total of $495.  Donations can still be made using this link.


Walk to School Day-October 7th, Week-October 5-10, Month-October

International Walk to School Month gives children, parents, school teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking. Walkers from around the world walk to school together for various reasons — all hoping to create communities that are safe places to walk.

In 2011, millions of children, parents, and community leaders from 40 countries around the world joined together in celebration of International Walk to School Month in October.

The goal of the walk varies from community to community. Some walks rally for safer and improved streets, some to promote healthier habits and some to conserve the environment. Whatever the reason, International Walk to School events encourage a more walkable world — one community at a time.

 Champs Vallée families are encouraged to walk, ride, or roll to school if it is a safe and practical option.  School Council is looking at the purchase of additional bike racks, and scooter/skateboard racks as an upcoming fundraising goal.

School Photos



School photos are planned for Thursday, October 8, 2020.  Students and classes will be asked to wear their masks and maintain physical distancing as they wait or transition before their individual photos.  Please see the video below to see some of the measures that Lifetouch has put in place to accommodate photos during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you do not wish to have your child photographed or if you want them to wear a mask for their photo.



Photos for Students in Distance Learning

Champs Vallée students enrolled in Distance Learning who would like to be included in school photos are welcome to drop in between 12:50 and 3:12 on October 8th.

Students in Distance Learning are asked to:

  • line up at the designated location (masked and maintaining a physical distance of 2 meters if there are other in line) outside the exterior northwest gym doors
  • wait outside for their turn with the designated photographer
  • use hand sanitizer when entering
  • following their photo session, exit using the same doors immediately afterwards.

Picture Day Safety

Community Supports:

Here is a link for parents who may be facing challenges in this year.



CYF Caregiver Education October Newsletter

The AHS Children, Youth and Families – Addiction and Mental Health Caregiver Education Team is proud to be able to continue to offer free programming for parents and caregivers of children and youth through our new partnership with the Mental Health Foundation. In response to the global pandemic, our programming continues to be offered virtually at this time.


See the linked newsletter for more information on topics, dates, times, and registration.

These 90 minute online sessions are intended to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, and community members with introductory information regarding addiction and mental health challenges that can affect children/youth. Unless specified, sessions are for an adult audience; however some sessions welcome youth to attend with their caregiver.

For October’s Lunch and Learn Webinars, we will be offering a re-run of our popular Mental Health and Resiliency Series. These 60 minute informational webinars are for parents/caregivers who are looking to strengthen their child’s/adolescent’s ability to thrive through life’s challenges and discover strategies that can help build resiliency and overall family wellness. 

The Support, Education, and Engagement Drop-In Sessions (S.E.E.D.S) are 90 minute, drop-in, interactive and educational workshops. They are designed to help parents/caregivers learn foundational strategies that cultivate healthy relationships, strong child development, and resilient families.

To register for a session, follow the links found in the newsletter or visit: https://www.cyfcaregivereducation.ca/virtual-education

Please feel free to share this information widely. Want to hang it up somewhere? We’ve included a 1-page summary of our sessions at a glance (found on the last page of the newsletter) that can easily be posted somewhere or hung up on a bulletin board.

Visit our website for tip sheets, videos, and more! www.cyfcaregivereducation.ca


The Caregiver Education Team

Children, Youth and Families – Addiction and Mental Health

AHS, Edmonton Zone

Email: cyfcaregivereducation@ahs.ca

Website: www.cyfcaregivereducation.ca


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