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Voyageurs News – October 24th

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On Halloween, students are welcome to dress up for the full day if they want.  Please make sure that your child’s costume is appropriate for school and respectful of all ages (we have students as young as 3 years old) and the diversity of our school community.  Please do not bring costumes with any real or fake weapons.  If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a costume, please ask your child’s teacher.  We will not have a school assembly on this day.

Students will be participating in activities with their class or grade level.  Watch for communication from their teacher for more information.



The school will be closed for students on November 1st due to professional development for teachers at the school.



Our student-parent-teacher meeting nights are on November 5th and 6th.  You child’s teacher will email out a schedule and organize times with you.   Book Fair will run as well during this week in the Learning Commons.



Dates for the concert are December 18th and 19th, 2018.  Schedules for the exact day and time will be out soon.



Complimentary Course Selection is going to be emailed out on Friday.  Students will need to select their courses for term 2.  Students in Band register for Band for the whole year and will get first choice of their B Options.  Students can register for FSL for the entire year, but all other options should be taken only once per year.



Please visit this link if you wish to order popcorn in support of our Band Program.

The ECVS band is having a Papa Jacks popcorn fundraiser. This is the newest most flavorful popcorn fundraiser offered in 70g share size bags by QSP Fundraising. There are 4 flavours – White Cheddar, Dill, Butter, and Sweet & Salty. We will be selling a 5-pack (5 bags all of one flavor) for $20. The profits from this fundraiser will go to benefit our Band program to help with the cost of such events as Band Camp in the spring and our attendance at the Kiwanis Music Festival etc. 
All shipping information and money must be collected and returned to the school by Tuesday, October 30th. Please direct any questions you may have to Ms Parker (ingrid.parker@blackgold.ca)
Thank you for you considering supporting the band program!

Please visit this link if you wish to order popcorn in support of our Band Program.



We have groups of students who have created businesses in the school as part of special leadership projects.  On most Thursdays students will sell 12″ donair pizzas for $5.00 each at lunch and New Orleans style beignets/donuts at the end of the day for $1.00 each.  Supplies are limited and should not be relied upon as a lunch.  As the students learn to manage the budgets, prices might change.  All profits go towards purchases that benefit all students in the school.



Our regular secretarial staff are away for the remainder of the week completing Professional Development.  In their absence we have a very nice group of substitute secretaries who will be doing their best to help out Champs Vallée students and parents.
Thank you for your understanding if they have additional questions for you or require a bit more time to assist you.

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