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Voyageurs COVID-19 Update – March 15

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  • School assemblies 
  • All extracurricular activities
    • Sports
    • Arts & Music Festivals 
    • Family Nights (Movie, Dance,etc) 
  • Out of school field trips 
  • Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences
  • School Council & Fundraising Society Meetings 
  • Fundraising Lunches (Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Friday Hot Lunches) and group food that isn’t commercially packaged (e.g. Birthday treats)


We are implementing the following steps starting Monday, March 16th.

  • Black Gold Pandemic Plan
  • Strict exclusion policies for students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
  • Increasing desk/seating distance between students (where space allows) 
  • Students (or staff) will clean student desks/tables with the our low-level disinfectant (kills 99% of germs on contact). 
  • Chromebooks will be wiped before being used by a new student  
  • Students will use their assigned desk throughout the day
    • Students will remain in their homerooms for the majority of instructional time. Teachers will go to their students’ homerooms.
  • Restricting access to common areas (Learning Commons, Flex Space, Foyer, Foods Room, Gym, Music Room)  
    • Library classes will be cancelled (students can access books online).
    • Classroom book exchanges will cease.
    • Physical Education:  A minimum of one class goes outside (weather permitting) and participate in activities that limit handling equipment and that allow participants to keep a distance.
    • Music: Avoid the use of shared instruments and ensure spacing.  
  • BYOD only at the request of the teacher.  Cell phones must remain in lockers.
  • Staggering the class schedules to limit the numbers of students in attendance at one time (e.g. staggered breaks)
  • Cancelling classes that bring students together from multiple classrooms (Options, Flex, CTF)
  • No shared food for groups of students. Exceptions will be made for commercially packaged food.  
  • Water Fountains and Bottle Fillers
    • Water fountains will be shut down.  Bottle fillers will remain open.  
    • Students will be directed to wash their hands before filling their bottles.
  • Custodians are focusing on all our high touch surfaces.
  • Students will receive frequent reminders about hand washing and good hygiene practices. 



Anyone returning from travel outside of Canada as of March 13, 2020, must self-isolate for 14 days, even without symptoms; family members who were not outside of Canada may go to work/school. Should the self-isolating family member(s) begin to show respiratory illness like symptoms, only then do other family members in the household self-isolate.



Alberta Health Services Assessment Tool

While quality face to face classroom instruction can’t be duplicated, teachers will do their best to provide work or suggestions for students who are home due to illness or who are staying home as a precautionary measure.  Most teachers (Grades 4-9) use Google Classroom and can upload assignments to the Classroom. Some teachers may provide print packages that can be picked up at the office. The Black Gold School Division Site ENGAGING STUDENTS has resources for students as well. Please contact your child’s teacher for specific homework.  

All students can benefit from reading and practicing basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) 

Additional Resources:



  • Students are anxious about this and want to talk about it. Teachers are taking the time to ease their concerns and answer their questions with factual information.
  • It is important to know the facts and why we are taking these preventative measures. 
  • Here are some great resources to help you talk to your child about COVID-19.

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