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January 13th – Voyageurs News

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Black Gold Schools Approved 2020-2021 Calendar


2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration

Register online January 22nd starting at 9:00am


2020-2021 Prekindergarten Registration

Register online March 25th starting at 9:00am


Weather, Clothing, and Indoor Shoes

Based on the forecast, we should have indoor recesses for the week of January 13-17.   Please help make sure your child is dressed for the season and cold weather conditions.  

When we have inclement weather, we use our judgement of the conditions and the Environment Canada Wind Chill Chart to determine if it is safe to go outside for recess. 

When weather is in the “yellow zone” or colder on the chart (see above), the front doors of the school should be open for students to enter staring at 7:30 am.  If students are arriving early on these days, they can wait quietly in the school foyer.

All students are required to have a clean pair of indoor shoes suitable for the classroom, exercise, and the gym floor.   


Drive-Thru, Visitor, Disabled Parking Stalls

  • Parents using the “Drop-Off” lane should encourage children to exit out of the right hand side of the vehicle.  While stopped, please place the vehicle in Park and consider using the Emergency Break if exiting the vehicle to assist a student in getting out of the vehicle
  • Please be patient and model courtesy as the area is busy and safety should be the priority
  • Please do not use the Staff Parking unless you need access to the Disabled Parking Spaces.  We have had students unable to access the school because people have been parking in the spaces without a placard or the need to be parked there.
  • Please avoid blocking, parking on, or turning around on private driveways.  

School Council Meeting 

The next meeting is Monday, January 20th at 7:30 pm.  All parents are welcome to attend.


Fundraising Society Meeting 

The next meeting is Monday, January 20th at 6:30 pm.  All parents are welcome to attend.


Health Information



Champs Vallée Pancake Breakfast -February 25th 

Parent Volunteer Form 


Electronics Recycling Roundup Fundraiser

February 10 to March 6

Winter Walk Day 2020

Winter Walk Day encourages people across Alberta to be active outdoors in winter. This year Winter Walk Day takes place on February 5, 2020.

If practical, we encourage all students and staff to walk to school this day.

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