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Champs Vallée Student Supply Pick-Up

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On Monday, March 23rd, we will begin the process of having families pick-up supplies and materials.  Students’ supplies and belongings have been bagged and labelled for pick-up.  To maintain social distancing, we will have the process take place outside in our drive-thru lane.   We ask that you look for your child’s bag at the assigned table and leave library/home reading books/school sports uniform in the available blue bins.  Please bag and label returning items with child’s name and the teacher/coaches name.

If you are unable to pick-up at the assigned time, bags will remain at their tables until the end of the day on Monday.  Any remaining items will be brought back into the school and families will be responsible for arranging future pick-up at the school.

Please watch the video to look for lost items.  If you identify something, please complete this form.  Claimed Lost and Found items will be placed as best we can with student supplies.

Lost and Found Items:

Pick-Up Expectations:

  • Maintain social-distancing (see graphic below)
  • 1 person per family for pick-up
  • The person designated for pick-up should be in good health (no cold or flu symptoms)
  • Keep distance when picking up items
  • Be patient and courteous if the space is busy
  • Call the office on Monday 780-929-8888 if you have special requests.  We will do our best to accommodate.
  • Unfortunately, we ask that you avoid face-to-face contact and interaction with staff working outside.


Monday, March 23 Time Slot Last Name Alphabetical Grouping
Table # 09:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-1200 12:00-13:00 13:00-14:00 14:00-15:00 15:00-16:00
1 A -Alle Dh-Duh Kip-Kry Pih-Pri Spi-Ste Open Open
2 Allor-Bad Dul-Forr L-Lea Pro-Qui Str-Ter Open Open
3 Bai-Bet Fort-Ge LeB-Lov Rad-Rat Tes-Tom Open Open
4 Bh-Bol Gib-Gill Low-Mar Rav-Rev Tow-Ty Open Open
5 Bou-Brid Gille-Gru Mas-McI Rid-Rob Up-Wen Open Open
6 Bris-Card Gu-Hann McK-Milt Rog-San Whe-Wil Open Open
7 Cardi-Chie Har-Hop Milt-Mur Sar-Schm Win-Zin Open Open
8 Chil-Col Hos-Hu Mut-Not Schu-Sh Open Open
9 Conn-Dah I-Kab Ns-Osu Sib-Smil Open Open
10 Dar-De Kad-Kin Osw-Pic Smi-Spen Open

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